Dr Emmanuel Delay

President of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE) in 2017, Doctor Emmanuel DELAY is a Plastic Surgeon in Lyon. He trained in France in Lyon and Toulouse, in Belgium in Brussels, and in the USA.

An experienced surgeon, he has an important clinical activity and is also actively involved in the progress of the plastic surgery specialty and the training of his colleagues. Author of 250 scientific publications, scientific articles and book chapters, he is co-author of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery report 2017 entitled “The revival of face- and neck-lifts”. He regularly gives lectures at national and international conferences (1100 national and international communications, more than half by invitation).

His scientific work allowed him to achieve recognition in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, and he has fellows from many countries, especially from Switzerland (French-speaking Switzerland): surgeons who have trained in his department, or who have simply followed the conferences that he organizes regularly.

Dr. Emmanuel DELAY often takes care of patients coming from Switzerland: patients coming directly for his reputation, or patients presenting complex cases for repair or improvement that are addressed to him by Swiss colleagues because of the geographical proximity from Lyon. Doctor DELAY appreciates the Swiss patients very much, motivated, respectful, kind persons, and appreciating to the right extent a high quality care.

This site was developed and is intended for the Swiss patients, and the International patients who would like to have information about Dr. DELAY, and on the consultations and operation organization.

Our Philosophy.

Plastic surgery is a real passion for us. Having learned from our parents the love of work well done, and the concern for the happiness of our fellow man, we have the desire to give the best possible result to each patient.

Our professional approach is based on the values and qualities we cultivate with the utmost care: the competence and the regular knowledge updating through the assiduous practice of the national and international congresses, the professionalism, the kindness, the benevolence and the enthusiasm, passion for our craft, the work and satisfaction to do it well. We consider that the best health care is a personalized one, benefiting from a kindly accompaniment of the surgeon and his team.

At the office, Muriel Daguin and Anne Thievenaz will be there to welcome you. Do not hesitate to call them and to ask for their advice to organize your care as well as possible.

Our personal approach to life is marked by freedom and independence of spirit, creativity, sincerity in our approach to others, tolerance, and respect for others.

Areas of excellence

Dr. Delay has developed various techniques in Plastic Surgery, and has developed several areas of excellence. As a Swiss patient, you can benefit from a high-quality care by a renowned international surgeon, invited as a lecturer in major international meetings, on these subjects of excellence, at the cost of a simple intervention, near you. The proximity of Lyon to Switzerland means that the consultation and the surgery organization are simplified. These areas of excellence are:

Facial rejuvenation surgery

Dr. Delay led the report of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 2017 entitled “The revival of face- and neck-lifts”, of which he is co-author of several chapters.

Implant breast augmentation

Dr. Delay co-directed the 2005 report of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery on breast implants. In this work, he has participated in about ten chapters, and has mastered the field for many years.

Breast augmentation with fat grafts


Since 1998, Dr. Delay developed an important experience in breast augmentation surgery using fat grafts (lipomodeling).

Breast reduction surgery and breast ptosis correction surgery

Dr. Delay has developed different technical variants and techniques to improve the result, such as the posterior glandular flap which helps to obtain a very nice neckline. Moreover, this technique can be combined with lipomodeling, a technique he has developed, for which he has a very important experience.

Difficult secondary cases

Dr. Delay has acquired considerable experience in complex secondary cases, for which he is often called upon to give lectures: on re-operating complex cases of cosmetic surgery and complex and difficult cases of breast reconstruction.

Autologous breast reconstruction

Dr. Delay has developed original techniques of autologous breast reconstruction: by latissimus dorsi flap without implant, by fat grafting, by pectoro-mammary flap. The most recent development is the short scar dorsal flap, which gives very high quality results with a short scar of only a few centimeters. This technique will undoubtedly become, in the next few years “gold standard” in autologous breast reconstruction, surpassing TRAM and DIEP by the quality of the results and the reliability of the technique.


Aesthetic breast surgery

Reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery has experienced significant advances in recent years, whether in augmentation, reduction, ptosis or breast reconstruction. Scientific studies have shown the remarkable benefit of these techniques. The field of plastic and aesthetic surgery has benefited from important advances to which we have actively contributed, such as breast lipomodeling that we have developed since 1998, new techniques of mammoplasty (in particular with the contribution of the technique of the posterior flap), composite breast augmentation, correction of the sequelae of conservative treatment of breast cancer, or autologous breast reconstruction (we have developed the technique of latissimus dorsi flap without implant, reconstruction by pectoro-mammary flap, complete breast reconstruction with lipomodeling, as well as different technical variants).

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

“Aesthetic concern must be an integral part in all our reconstructive surgical acts. In the same way, in aesthetic surgery, it is always necessary to keep a certain idea of reconstruction, reconstruction of the ideal aesthetic aspect lost or desired ideal. It is in this approach, both plastic and aesthetic, that lies the future of our specialty; and in order to give the best possible result for each patient” (Plastic and aesthetic surgery: one and indivisible. DELAY E. Réalités en chirurgie plastique 2016 ; 14 : 3-4).

It is here that all the talent and experience of the best plastic surgeons and the best aesthetic surgeons, can be used to give the best solution and the best possible result for each patient, while using small tricks, or technical improvements, adapted to each case.

The techniques used to correct the multitude of problems encountered by a plastic surgeon are constantly evolving, and it is important that the plastic surgeon is up to date of the most modern and effective techniques. Also, the involvement of the Plastic Surgeon in the medical scientific community, in Plastic Surgery, is fundamental for its maintenance at the best level of its discipline.

Aesthetic Medicine


Aesthetic Medicine has developed rapidly in recent years, as patients demand for corrections easy to perform that allows an early return to their activity.

The plastic surgeon is the best qualified to practice this procedures of aesthetic medicine because he knows perfectly the anatomy of the face and the action of the products on different facial muscles.

In our practice, aesthetic medicine uses three main products which are safe and give good results:

we’re here to all your questions

The price of the first consultation is 150 EUR (170 ChF) for a consultation of usual duration. Upon request, a V.I.P. consultation can be arranged for you, outside normal working hours at the price of 500 EUR (600 ChF).

The first consultation with Dr. Delay is one of the most important points of the care. A document (a typical medical questionnaire) will be given to you before the consultation (sent by mail or by e-mail or given just before the consultation). You will have to take the time to complete it before the consultation itself (before meeting Dr. Delay, before your first visit). This document should be completed with the utmost care because all points are important for the success of a plastic surgery procedure, especially if the case is complex. This questionnaire will specify your background and your detailed application for the proposed intervention.

The consultation takes place at Lyon, in the Presqu’ île district. The office is located at 50 rue de la République 69002 Lyon (if you come by car, you can park at the Republique car parking – wait even if there are a few cars waiting – after 5 to 6 minutes you can park and you will be just nest to the office). It is located above the Orange shop on Rue de la République. This part of rue de la République is located behing the Grand Hôtel-Dieu.

The consultation can be done in French or in English. On request, a translation can be provided in Italian, Spanish, German or Arabic language. 

The operations are performed at Clinique CHARCOT, located at 4 km from Place Bellecour (http://www.clinique.charcot.fr).

Address: 51 rue du Commandant Charcot 69110 Ste Foy lès Lyon.

This is a well-known clinic in Lyon (formerly known as the “Professors’s Clinic”). It has kept a human size, and the whole staff shares our values of competence, professionalism, kindness and humanity.

An estimate will be given to you during the consultation, which will take into account the costs of the clinic (stay and operating theater) on the basis of a single room.

On request, an estimate can be made for a possible neighboring room for one or more accompanying persons, or for one or more bodyguards in case of need for a V.I.P. 

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How to get to Lyon


• GENEVA   : • 8 A.R/day (TER or TGV) – Lyon Part-Dieu Station – Average duration 2h10
 LAUSANNE & ZURICH  : Via Geneva



 GENEVE : A40 (E62) then A42 (E611) 150 km – Duration 1h50 – 2h00 
• LAUSANNE :  via Geneva take A1 (E25) 210 km – Duration 2h20 on average  
• ZURICH : • Via Bern & Geneva take A3 (E60) 435 km – Duration 4h30 on average



Public aviation (Lyon St Exupéry Airport)  
  • ZURICH : 3 direct flights/day – Swiss Air – Duration 1h10
Privat aviation (Lyon Bron Airport)
• businessaviation.lyonaeroports.com

How to get to the office


50 rue de la République, 69002, Lyon

From the Airport:
Lyon Saint Exupéry & Lyon Bron,
or The train station SNCF de Lyon Part Dieu : 
Via Taxi : 00 33 (0)4 78 750 750 
Taxi Lyon : 00 33 (0)4 78 58 81 81
Allo Taxi 00 33 (0)4 78 28 23 23 
Radio Taxi : 00 33 (0)4 72 10 86 86

once arrived in Lyon by A42

Take the 6a exit Direction Lyon Center – Roanne

Follow the Rhône River on the Quai Charles de Gaulle, l’avenue de Grande Bretagne and the Quai de Serbie

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Les prothèses mammaires sont soumises très fréquemment à des agitations, ou à des scandales, médiatiques, et ce sujet n’a jamais été aussi pertinent. Cela peut être

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Reprise enthousiaste d'une activité normale

Nous sommes vraiment très heureux de reprendre une activité chirurgicale normale, car c’est vraiment notre engagement d’homme et de Médecin, et notre vie, de pouvoir rendre service en réalisant ce que nous faisons le mieux, et avec passion: une Chirurgie Plastique de qualité, intense et variée.

Toutes les interventions peuvent maintenant être programmées, et c’est une très bonne nouvelle pour les patientes, que ce soit en Chirurgie Reconstructrice et Réparatrice, ou en Chirurgie Esthétique.

Cette activité se fait dans un esprit de sérénité et de sécurité. Tout est fait pour assurer la sécurité des patients et des équipes, que ce soit au cabinet ou à la Clinique

Nous vous conseillons de vous faire vacciner dès que possible, quelque-soit votre âge, pour votre sécurité et celle des membres de l’équipe. 

Vous pouvez maintenant appeler le secrétariat pour programmer votre intervention pour les patientes ayant déjà été vues en consultation. Pour les patientes souhaitant envisager une intervention, et qui n’ont pas encore consulté, elles peuvent prendre rendez-vous par téléphone, ou sur Doctolib (lien de prise de rendez-vous en haut et à droite du site).

La Chirurgie Plastique apporte le plus souvent un bien-être physique et psychologique. Ce bien-être pourra contribuer à retrouver la joie de vivre. Plus que jamais, la Chirurgie Plastique pourra contribuer au bonheur, et apporter un élan positif et vertueux. La Chirurgie Plastique pourra ainsi contribuer à retrouver l’enthousiasme et le dynamisme, et nous pensons qu’il s’agit d’un rôle important et essentiel.